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The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop is a quick and easy solution to picking up waste. The no-sift, peaked blades actually lift out waste leaving clean litter in the box – where it belongs. Strong, durable plastic construction for a long life and easy care. The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop even picks up waste fragments and creates virtually no dust because there is no need to shake the clean litter free, it falls through the specially designed raking blades. Tapered scoop makes a strong scraper for heavier messes.


Cypress Fresh Cat Litter combines the benefits of Hinoki cypress wood and green tea leaves for truly superior odor control.  Cypress Fresh is an all natural cat litter made from natural organic matter such as wood and green tea leaves.  Cypress Fresh pellets are smaller which helps to reduce tracking outside of the litter box.